Elk 49

Finally it is time to release Elk 49 for Android and Windows (a web version will be coming shortly). Elk 49 is a puzzle game where you use balls to collect points and solve puzzles.

Elk 49 may be the most enjoyable project I've worked on. Over a weekend, I developed a primitive clone of the old game Drop7. While doing this, I got an idea of how this could be turned into a puzzle game, and after a few days of intensive coding, I had something that I felt was worth building upon.

Since then, I've been working on it every day for a little over five months, and now it's finally time to roll it out.

I hope it's as fun to play as it was to develop. :-)

6 October, 2023

Right-to-left languages

Lately I have been working on improving support for right-to-left languages in Vokabel. This applies to languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. It has long been possible to enter these languages in Vokabel, but it has not worked fully for some games. Now I hope it works much better. All variants of Vokabel have been updated for this.

If you have any comment, don’t hesitate to contact me.

8 March, 2020

Vokabel for Android updated

At the beginning of 2013 (six years ago when I’m writing this), Vokabel for Android. was released. Lately I have been working on a major update that is now finally completed. Much is similar with except that everything looks much better and is better adopted for more modern Android versions. An entirely new questioning type has been added, Listen and learn, that reads up vocabulary for you. The idea behind this is that you should be able to practice when you, for instance, taking a walk. I think this is an interesting feature :-). If you are interested in getting this into the Windows version, please contact me.

19 April, 2019

Vokabel for Windows 10 updated with new game

About a week before Christmas a major update was released for Vokabel for Windows 10. "Capture the word" has been in the Android version for a long time and now it’s also available in the Windows 10 version. In this game you should pick the right word before it has moved along the screen. Try it, it's pretty fun :-)

All other games had also been updated with new graphics. It took a couple month for me to make this, so I hope someone enjoys it :-)

In the following months I plan to do some more minor updates to Vokabel. As always, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestion.

21 January, 2018

New homepage

This page started 2:nd of June 1997 and has pretty much looked the same in almost twenty years. But now the page has new modern design, finally :-)

This has forced me to take a break from my other projects. My plan is to start working with these again.

1 October, 2017