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Vokabel 2.31

Vokabel is a free and user-friendly popular program that helps you to learn words in foreign languages (almost all languages is supported). Write the words you want to learn and let the program test you. You can test your self in many ways, in a simple hearing or in a game. Why not play a game against a friend and learn something in the same time? Vokabel has a lot of functions to make learning more fun and efficient. Screenshots.

Download Vokabel

Click here to download: Vokabel setup (590 kB, updated 4 September, 2005).

You can change the interface to different languages. Five languages are currently supported; English, Spanish, German, Interlingua and Swedish.

Other versions of Vokabel

  News: Vokabel is also available as an app in Windows 8.1.
Get it on Google Play   Vokabel is also available for Android.

Vocabulary files

In the list below you find some sample files. Right click on the file you want and select "Save target as...".

Language Author Number of words Version
Swedish-English PEK 1 172 1.03
Swedish-Estonian Jadokesa 178 1.00
Swedish-Finnish Jouni Santara 3 427 1.00
Swedish-Japanese Anders Hedenrud 1 106 1.00
Swedish-Spanish Lars-Olof Danielsson 1 428 1.01
Swedish-German PEK 1 036 1.02
Swedish-Greek (numbers) Meraki 53 1.00
Swedish-Greek Agnetha Rydén 807 1.00
English-Japanese Anders Hedenrud 36 1.00
English-Spanish - 2 939 1.10
English-Spanish (geography) - 124 1.00
English, irregular verbs - 105 1.00
English, synonyms - 755 1.00
Finnish-Swedish Roland Bengtsson 724 1.00
German, irregular verbs Homo-Boy 103 1.00
Interlingua-Portuguese Jose Soares Da Silva 27 159 1.00
Spanish, irregular verbs Source: Verbix 1 077 1.10
Persian-Swedish Patrick Maximilian 16 1.00
Portuguese, French, English, German, Swedish Gina - 1.03
Spanish-German Ignacio Pérez B. 584 1.00



SSI has translated Vokabel to Interlingua.
Dani Baena is the translator of the Spanish version of Vokabel.
Franz Schmiedeberg has translated Vokabel to German.


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